VISION (Strategic Plan)

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It is the founders desire that this new University become one of the world's great institutions of education and research; that it will educate and train future generations of scientists, engineers and technologists; and that it will foster, on the basis of merit and excellence, collaboration and cooperation with other great research universities and the private sector. The vision statement includes:

• Multidisciplinary Global Teaming
• Students, Instructors, Universities and Projects
• Priority for research
• Educating the Leaders of the future
• Creating synergy by interdisciplinary work
• Innovation Leadership role in the progress of the society and abroad
• Satisfaction among employee

The intention of founding MIU is to create an enduring model for advanced education and scientific research. MIU is intended to reach out as a polestar for the majority of the universities in Developing Countries.

A complete residential and academic compound will permit the faculty, staff, students, associates and their families to enjoy a rich and broad range of educational programs and social amenities. In providing a strong foundation for all aspects of life and work in the University, we aim to ensure its success in promoting the economic development and social prosperity of the people of US, Developing Countries and of the world.