Science and Society

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Academic Freedom:

Under the principle of the scientific approach, the right to determine how, to whom, and by whom knowledge is taught will be highly honored. Dogmatic thought and ideas are absolutely opposed by MIU. The right to honest inquiry and legal protest are acknowledged and guaranteed.

Interdisciplinary Approach:

Interdisciplinary education and research are encouraged. The university will enable academic staff to work on educational and research projects with educational centers and institutes outside their own academic units. The concept of the Assembly of Global Teams will be adopted. These teams will be professionally qualified to Manage Projects locally and abroad.

Life long Education:

MIU will encourage lifelong education for its own staff, graduates, and people from all walks of life; and will provide these people with new scientific knowledge. In order that the people of our country benefit more effectively and efficiently from the University experience and culture, MIU will develop and apply continuing educational models suitable for different resources and constraints at different countries. These Models will be in the format of Lectures, Fliers and / or TV Channels series.

Language of Instruction:

The language of instruction at MIU is English. Classes of Foreign Languages take the initiative to teach English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and German that will serve the Education and Research.

Agreements with schools and universities in developing countries will annually send (TBD) students and interchange teaching staff / researchers.

The educational standard will be accredited and approved by the schools of highest standard in USA. One of the most important segment of the courses will be to build up the personality and character of the student with ethics, honesty, integrity, high moral standards, spirit of humanity, high family values, respect and help to elders.

Millennium International University could become the Beacon of Knowledge and Information to many countries of the World with the use of modern means of communication. MIU will be a globally renowned education and research Institute that makes significant contributions to scientific and technological advancement, and will play a crucial role in the development of USA and the Developing Countries.