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Museum ImageMIMST stands at a critical juncture between past accomplishments and future ambitions in Science and Technology.

Many Museums celebrate the contributions of Muslim scholars to science and technology during the first Golden Age of Islam from the 7th to the 17th century. These Muslim scholars included amongst them the great scientists, inventors, engineers, mathematicians and teachers of that time, such as Jabber bin Hayyan, Abbas bin Firnas, Al-Kindi, Al-Razi, Al-Jazairi and Taqi al-Deen. Museums in Asia and Europe are currently demonstrating how their contributions shaped the world as we know it today and how their pioneering work laid the foundation for modern civilization. The benefits of their work are all around us today.

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Our objective is two fold: First, to provide the basic information about these ideologies, its history and the achievements of the Muslim Civilization, as Video Documentaries for the mainstream America and to all our students of different nationalities. These documentaries will be narrated by professional narrators in the typical American style with no language barriers. You will get to know the segments of Islamic history, culture, Science and Technology. Additional copies of these documentaries would be prepared in other Languages.

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Secondly, MIU will use cutting edge technology to start from these showcases of documentary and integrate the major contributions of Science and Technology from the 17th Century to the current inventions. Modern interactive techniques, such as touch screens, moving plasma screens, multi-touch tables, flipbooks, automated scale models and interactive videos, will be implemented to tell the story from the ancient science to the ambitions of current inventions: On Earth, Inside the Human Body and On the Space. The students Projects will accommodate the majority of these State-of-the-Art presentations of Video Documentaries and Real life Models. Exhibits will be created mainly by the supervision of the Staff. Some of these exhibits will show the current advances in the fields of:

• Astronomy and Navigation
• Technology
• Chemistry / Bio
• Architecture
• Mathematics
• Life and Environmental Sciences

Topical issues in science and technology will be discussed and debated. Popular science presentations will also be given at the Museum by MIU faculty and visiting researchers.

Our aim is to inspire the new generation of scientists to look at the world through the juncture between past accomplishments and future ambitions; and to see different connections to explore, and join the ranks of scientists by their accomplishments in USA and Globally.