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To contribute to the development of USA and Developing Countries and especially to train people so as to create a skilled workforce in the fields of natural and social sciences. Learning tasks will emphasize: A frame of Ethics and Principals that encompass Creation, Manipulation, Innovation, Global Teaming and Knowledge Construction

MIU will explore new methods and introduce innovations to USA higher education system that will mark MIU as a pioneer of modern education nationwide.

The mission of the MIU is to reach, produce, apply and promote knowledge, to raise the standard of individuals (students and the public) with that knowledge for the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of our society and humanity. This will be accomplished by bringing teaching, research and social services up to universal standards.

Scientific Approach:

To ensure the understanding of current knowledge and the discovery of new knowledge. MIU Strategy will promote discovery and sharing of new knowledge. An environment will be created to foster: Research, Creativity, Technology Transfer and Student Self-Development.

MIU will advance science and technology through bold and collaborative research. It will create and educate scientific and technological leaders, energize the diversification of the Local and Global economy and address challenges related to resources and constraints of regional and global significance, thereby serving the US, the developing Countries and the world.

The core of the mission of MIU is Education and Research, as well as their transformative potential; MIU has a three-part mission:

Embedded into an integrated bound of Moderate Behavior, Ethics and Principals, MIU will be a catalyst for shaping people's lives through the synergy of science, technology, innovation and enterprise.

Research and Education at MIU will energize innovation and endeavor to support knowledge-based economic diversification.

Both basic and goal-oriented Education and Research at MIU are dedicated to advancing science and technology of regional and global impact. Research excellence will augment the teaching and the training of future leaders in science and technology.