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It is with pleasure we introduce you the project "MILLENNIUM INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY" [MIU]. This is a Muslim University. I and my colleagues have been working on this idea for more than 12 months.

We want to build the most BEAUTIFUL UNIVERSITY in U.S.A with very high educational standards similar to Harvard, Yale or Princeton. This University will offer courses in various sciences, technologies, medicine, arts and history. Of course there will be a department of Islamic Studies which will offer the highest standard courses in Islamic Idealogy, its History and Culture. Courses leading to Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degrees will be offered. The graduates coming out of MIU will bring HONOR to mankind!!! America will be proud of them because of their high academic standards along with the best ethics and most moderate character to benefit the society. The University will be managed by the Muslim Community and open to both Muslims and Non-Muslims. The University Campus will have Islamic Architecture as the main element in the buildings. However the buildings will have a wonderful blend of American Architecture along with the Islamic Architecture.

The purpose of the Islamic Architecture is to permanently inscribe in the minds of the Americans and others the Glory of Muslim Civilization. One of the Wonders of the World stands in India whose beautiful Islamic architectural designs radiate the Message of: Love, Peace and Humanity. The original architecture of Taj Mahal might have come from the present Uzbekistan due to family connections of the Moghul Emperors of India. We need such an architecture in America to radiate the: Beauty, Peace, Arts, Humanity, High learning, Security of human life, in Islam. Hence I have selected a group of Architects from Uzbekistan who at present have completed 80% of the overall campus layout drawings. They need 150 acres of land. Majority of people think that a Muslim University in USA is essential. Many think this is a dream. Of course it is the dream which is the root of reality. We have a challenge now to convert this dream into reality. We have an excellent EDUCATIONAL team who are Ph.Ds. Professors to set up the educational system. We are also in the process of hiring professional companies experts in setting up universities. However where is the money to do all these!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Millennium International University is a NON PROFIT corporation of California. We have applied for 501(c) Tax Exempt status. Money has to come from Donations and Grants from Local and International organizations. We need to do FUNDRAISING. The Project may cost $20M to $100M!!! Perhaps this will be the biggest Muslim Project in the history of USA and Canada. Time has come. The American Muslims must prove their POINT. The future generations of American Muslims must live in dignity and honor and prove that they are the Pride of the community.

I made 12 documentaries about the history and culture of Islamic Civilization in different parts of the World. [Please visit]. In that process I learnt the great contribution that Muslim Civilization has made in the fields of Science, Technology, Medicine, ARTS, Statesmanship, Unity of thought, Peaceful co-existence, Fashions, Music, Worship of ONE GOD, Agriculture and Commitments. William Durant [American Historian] wrote that Muslim Spain was an HONOR to mankind!!! Jabir (A Muslim Scientist) made the Map of Stars standing on the Giralda Tower of Seville, Spain!!! Algebra was invented by the Muslim Civilization. We can name hundred such inventions which came from the Glory of Muslim Civilization. The time has come!! We need to revive such a glory through proper education. We need to build and activate a huge school of learning.

I think the Millennium University is the answer. The American Muslim community will receive great rewards and honors due to this University.