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The Students at MIU will be the major focus of all services. The Student Affairs division will provide a range of services: offering information, advice and support to students. Services will include admissions, enrollment management, registration, student life services, scholarship and health care.

The Cultural and Convention / Entertainment Center will host many events. Throughout the academic year, students can enjoy art exhibitions, concerts, recitals, cinema and theater events as well as a variety of social and academic activities.

Computer LabThe Creation of the first of its kind: Technological Satellite Channel will show Documentaries that will focus on the continuously developed generations of technology and its fruitful implementation locally and in developing countries each according to its resources and constraints.

A lot of Profitable Business will be created through the collaboration of Students Projects and incubators. Examples are: Active Labs Renewable Energy Projects, Islamic Bank, Convention Center, Health Care, Museum, Vending Machines, Festivals, Islamic Restaurant, etc.

LabMIU will provide infrastructure and services designed to support day-to-day business needs:

• Advanced voice and data infrastructure.

• Meeting rooms with advanced audio-visual systems, plus areas for exhibitions

• "Hot" offices rentable for short periods

Stadium• Helpdesk and visitor reception

• Secretarial and document production services

• Full facilities management, security and access control