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The American Educational System will be adopted by the Millennium International University.

The standard of education shall be the same as that of the I-V league schools in USA, like Yale, Harvard, Princeton. Top class professors with the highest distinctions will be employed to teach Engineering, Medicine, Computer sciences and technology, Satellite communications, literature, economics, Law, and other modern subjects. In addition to standard methods of teaching most modern techniques of education shall be used like Audio-Visual, Internet, Voice computers, Satellites systems and so on. The courses taught at this university could be broadcast to other countries under an international.

A technology TV channel could be adopted to broadcast technology awareness to those countries who are in need of such information. There will be a department of Islamic Studies equipped with the top level modern and most moderate professors to teach various subjects in Islam like Islamic Idealogy, Quranic Studies, Hadith Studies. Islamic History, Arts , and Culture. This department is open to both Muslims and NON-Muslims. The student coming out of this department will bring honor to mankind with his or her moderate thoughts, sophisticated manners , and correct knowledge of Islam and Muslim civilization. The department of Islamic Studies will NOT teach the sects like Shia, Sunny, Ismaili, etc etc. The teaching will be focused on Quran , Sunnah, and Finality of Prophet Muhammad [ peace be upon him]. The teaching will also be focused on tolerance and respect to all other religions.

The educational standard will be accredited and approved by the schools of Highest standard in USA. One of the most important segment of the courses will be to build up the personality and character of the student with ethics, honesty, integrity, high moral standards, spirit of humanity , high family values, respect and help to elders.

Millennium International University could become the beacon of knowledge and information to many countries of the World with the use of modern means of communication.

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