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The American Educational System will be adopted by MIU.

MIU will accept Local USA students as well as students of Developing Countries chosen only from top applicants taking the National University Entrance Examination, each year
The University will host (TBD) USA and International students applying from different countries

All undergraduate programs in some Faculties, that went through the (Accreditation Board – USA) evaluation will be granted substantial equivalency (accreditation for non-USA programs).

High Standards of Education:

MIU shall strive to maintain a high standard of education by international standards. The standard of education shall be the same as that of the I-V league schools in USA, like Yale, Harvard and Princeton. Top class professors with the highest distinctions will be employed to teach Engineering, Medicine, Computer sciences and technology, Satellite communications, literature, economics, Law, and other modern subjects. In addition to standard methods of teaching, most modern techniques of education shall be used like Audio-Visual, Internet, Voice computers, and Satellite systems. The courses taught at MIU could be broadcast to other countries under an international Agreement of Collaboration.

God of AbrahamA technology TV channel could be adopted to broadcast technology awareness to those countries that are in need of such information. Click here to view the clips from Islamic Documentaries (Flash or Quicktime). Science in Society Project (SSP) aims to disseminate knowledge created within the university and increase scientific literacy of the society.