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Millennium International University (MIU) will be more than just a world-class research university.  Its Structure and Architecture will maintain a healthy and vibrant home to an international community of students, faculty and staff, researchers, and families. The central idea is to attract Muslims and Non-Muslims with the beauty of the architecture.

Architecture sideAll tourists who visit India visit TAJ MAHAL because of its architectural beauty. The Alhambra Palace in Spain is the main attraction for the tourists. The beauty of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem attracts tourists: Jews, Christians, Muslims and other nationalities. The golden dome, the Arabic Calligraphy, and the Tiles are the most beautiful in the Dome of the Rock of Jerusalem regardless of the religious faiths.

The design and architectural ideas of TAJ MAHAL came from the Uzbek people. We need to bring this great and classical Muslim architecture to America. Hence we have selected Architects from Uzbekistan to bring the prestige of TAJ MAHAL art and that of similar Architecture.

The Uzbek architects; happen to be the best in constructing Muslim Towers, like what they have in Uzbekistan for centuries; are standing firm without a scratch. It is the architecture which will distinguish this university from other universities in USA in its unique looks. The Architectural team is formed of:

The Chief Architect [Tashkent] Kabuldjan Muhammedjanov
Manager [Uzbekistan group] Abzal Ghulamove
American Architectural Group Muhammed Esa, Hydam Development Corporation
Chief Negotiator Zahir Ahmed

It will bring the message of Islamic culture of more than a thousand years which brought peace, love, art, righteousness, brotherhood, leadership, brilliance, peaceful coexistence, scientific inventions, and most of all the Worship of One God [Allah].

Of course the class rooms and department buildings will be a mix of American or Western Style architecture along with various Islamic architectures from Muslim countries. However the inviting buildings like the gate, grand mosque, the university tower, the Museum, and the reception hall will be from the Central Asian Style.