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Islamic Video Productions [IVP], a Division of Islamic Research & Publications, Inc. brings Video Documentaries for the mainstream America. These documentaries are narrated by professional narrators in the typical American style with no language barriers. You will get to know the segments of Islamic history, culture. This is a "must have collection" for religious educators in Islamic History and those who are active in the interfaith work.

Narrated in English, each documentary presents detailed information about its theme supported by the renowned scholars in the particular fields. Zahir Ahmed who is the writer, producer of these videos studied these topics. He then traveled to several countries like SPAIN, EGYPT, TURKEY, JERUSALEM, MOROCCO, INDIA, and so on to explore the Islamic History and culture in these areas. He himself wrote the scripts after thorough research and collaboration with Scholars and experts in these fields. Some of the scholars in these videos are Dr. Thomas Irving (a national scholar in Spanish history), Dr. Sulaiman Nyang, (a national scholar on African Islamic history), Muhammad Aryan (Scholar on Jerusalem history), and so on.

The producer brought numerous surprises not properly known previously. For example, the Holy Quran from American Civil war preserved at University of Alabama,the Arabic writings of the American Slaves, the Quranic writings at the La Mesquita Cathedral in Cordoba, Spain, the grand mosques of Istanbul, the gypsy music of Spain to Flemenco, and so on.

The videos also present on-site-tour of important historical buildings in Muslim countries.

Noor of Allah Press Release

ISLAMIC arts&culture FEST
Somerset, New Jersey June 16, 2007

Russian Film Festival
Documentary Film and
Television Awards

Russian Video Award